Trekker’s Stoppe: A Hillbilly Initiative

On one lovely evening as I sat outside my tent observing the closing of yet another day, I pondered on how I had got to that hill? I remembered a young boy striding through the Deodars, looking back from time to time to see if other lads were catching up. The idea of climbing a hill was accepted as a challenge rather than a journey of discoveries and admiration. The chap was out of his breath when he realized that he might possibly be lost. A wave of panic swept through his body and the cold breeze against his sweaty  back made him shiver. A few minutes passed by and the thought of never trekking again started to settle deep within his heart.

Years have passed and I can recollect many instances where I constantly chose to stay at the tail of teams, matching my pace with the slowest member while discussing politics, religion, books, places and what not. But more importantly walking in the end allows us to be attentive to myriad of chirping on branches overhead, yellow orchids and mountain thyme, peculiar bushes, fiery red leaves in autumn, dew drops on spider webs and ferns. At times we still feel lost (or rather ‘left behind’) and instead of panicking we’re hopeful of catching up with the rest of the team on the next bend or in worst case, retracing our path to where we had started since we’d been observing closely. Often being there for the “left behinds” has been a boon. I remember a common saying from trails “SLOW IS STEADY AND STEADY IS GOOD”

Being a Hillbilly, I find immense pleasure in sharing my experiences and anecdotes with others of congenial interests. And to answer the question on “Why do we climb mountains?” my reply would be “It has been our deep desire to explore which has motivated us to seek new adventures, to “LOOK BEYOND THE HORIZONS” and to embrace new possibilities.”

Enosh Sinha

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